Eaves Ventilation

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Eaves Comb Type *
The Eave Comb filler sits on the eaves board under the last course of tiles and allows the air to continually circulate up under the tiles. This continuous circulating air prevents heat from the tiles radiating through the roof. 
A simple 1m rigid plastic length with easy to install pre-fabricated nail holes.
Available with ‘teeth’ to ventilate and prevent the entry of animals (e.g. birds or mice) into the roof space.
Easy to install and no maintenance.
Passive Roof Ventilation

Air circulation helps to prolong the life of the roof structure by reducing the severity of temperature fluctuations over time.

Eaves Filler Element has no moving parts, it’s easy to install and works all year round with no maintenance required

Eaves Filler Element utilizes the concept of convection by allowing cool air to enter through the eaves, thereby creating air circulation