5 Benefits of Recycled Roof Tiles

5 Benefits of Recycled Roof Tiles

Change the way that roof installations are usually completed by utilising recycled roof tiles. Not only will you save money on your roof tiles but you will proactively contribute to a greener future!

Not every property installation must be completed with brand new materials, so consider recycled options.

In our expert guide, we have compiled the top 5 benefits of using roof tiles on your roof, helping you to make a fully informed decision.

What Are Recycled Roof Tiles?

Recycled roof tiles are roof tiles that have been repurposed or reclaimed from other properties. These roof tiles have been saved from being broken or destroyed when removed from another roof and are then subsequently restored so they can be used again on your home.

However, broken roof tiles will not be repurposed in their current form.

Alternatively, recycled roof tiles may refer to repurposed materials, such as concrete or clay, that have been crushed and made into new roof tiles. Despite the roof tiles being new, clay or concrete roof tiles are made from recycled materials.

Roof tile recyclers may take broken second hand roof tiles and crush the tiles before reforming them.

Are There Different Types of Recycled Roof Tiles?

Recycled tiles can come in a variety of choices. The most common type of recycled roof tile is repurposing high quality roof tiles that have previously been used on another property. 

When this property has had a completely new roof installed, the roof tiles are carefully removed individually so they can be used again on a different property.

Alternatively, you could purchase brand new roof tiles that have been manufactured using recycled materials. A popular choice of recycled material is the slate plastic roof tile that is made from recycled plastic yet offers the roof the same classic appearance of an expensive slate roof.

Slate plastic roof tiles are also lightweight so they can be used on alternative building structures that might be unsuitable for heavy natural slate tiles.

You could also find recycled concrete tiles or clay tiles which are new roof tiles that are made from crushed concrete or clay and formed into a new roof tile shape.

What Are the Benefits of Recycled Roof Tiles?

Homeowners will enjoy a range of economic and environmental benefits when recycling roof tiles onto their home.

Here are our top 5 benefits of roof tile recycling:

1. Save Money

Purchasing recycled roof tiles and second hand tiles will always be a cheaper option than buying brand new roof tiles. You will save money on your entire roofing material purchase, helping you to plough money into other areas of your renovation.

2. Reduce Waste

When roof tiles are dismantled from a property, they would usually be destroyed and sent to a landfill. 

This excess waste is harmful for the environment and can clog-up the landfill. Repurposing these roof tiles so they can be used again is the sensible option, reducing waste and helping to contribute towards sustainable waste management.

3. Higher Quality

When using recycled roof tiles at a lower cost to brand new roof tiles, you could find that your money will buy a higher quality tile, such as natural terracotta roof tiles. A higher quality roof tile offers greater durability and even longevity for your roof, providing additional protection against extreme climates.

When searching for recycled roof tiles, you could come across a unique style or obsolete roof tiles that add something special to your home renovation.

4. Reduce Energy

A high volume of energy is needed to make brand new roof tiles for roof tiling, increasing greenhouse emissions and your overall carbon footprint. 

However, utilising recycled old roof tiles for a recycled roof saves a vast amount of energy, eliminating the manufacturing process and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Positive Environmental Impact

Re-using materials for your roof provides a positive environmental impact for your home, reducing the carbon footprint of your building renovation. 

Producing materials in the construction industry can lead to a high carbon footprint in many circumstances so you should always look for ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Final Thoughts on Recycled roof Tiles

Using recycled roof tiles in your renovation is the sensible choice. Not only can you reduce the cost of your materials but you can also make a positive environmental impact, reducing the energy needed in the manufacturing process and lowering your carbon footprint.

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