Compare Flashings


Wakaflex is the premium lead free flashing product in Australia.  Manufactured in Germany it has a tacky backing with 2 butyl strips for adhesion and easier installation.  It is the only lead free with a Bal rating of 29.  It has a smooth outer surface that chemically bonds to itself on overlap  – unique to Wakaflex.  It also has an embedded aluminium honeycomb mesh for rigidity and strength.

Dakaflash is a quality lead free flashing (manufactured in Germany) with a creped aluminium surface that allows a stretch of 30%.  It has a fully butyl (sticky) back for adhesion and the same honeycomb aluminium mesh as Wakaflex for rigidity and strength.

Smartform is exactly the same as Dakaflash except it does not have the aluminium mesh which facilitates a greater stretch up to 60%.  It is a lighter grade full butyl backed flashing for niche applications and metal roofing.