How Long Does Clear Roof Sheeting Last?

How Long Does Clear Roof Sheeting Last?

Clear roof sheeting adds a layer of protection to your building, providing versatility across a wide range of uses. However, the lifespan of clear roof sheeting varies greatly, depending on the location’s environmental conditions and how well you maintain the material.

Read our expert guide as we explore the longevity of using clear roof sheeting and how you can get the most out of this material for the benefit of your property.

What Is Clear Roof Sheeting?

Clear roof sheeting is a sheet of polycarbonate that is installed above a structure, such as a pergola  or greenhouse. Polycarbonate roofing sheets are typically transparent, or translucent, and allow a surge of natural light to penetrate the area. 

When choosing to use clear roof sheeting from a range of polycarbonate options, you could opt for standard colours such as a bronze tint to customise the light projected through the clear roof. 

The clear roof sheeting will also block out UV rays and provide a safer and more economical option than glass. However, essential maintenance is vital to get the most out of your clear roof sheeting and to keep the clear sheet transparent.

How Does Clear Roof Sheeting Work?

Clear roof sheeting works by covering a structure and providing protection from weather conditions. However, natural light is allowed to radiate through the clear roof sheeting, offering your space an illuminated area that never requires artificial light.

Installing a clear roof sheet looks aesthetically perfect on any structure, from carports, pergolas, and greenhouses. You can achieve a sleek appearance, customising the material to almost any design and colour to match the needs of your structure.

A popular choice across Australia is the use of corrugated sheeting or a blend of materials with three different profiles of corrugated, 5 rib, and greca for additional strength.

Clear roof sheeting is also a good material to use when you are aiming to improve energy efficiency in your home. As there is no need for artificial lighting in this space, you will use less electricity, reducing your energy bill and providing a positive environmental impact.

How Long Does Clear Roof Sheeting Last?

The longevity of clear roof sheeting depends on many factors such as the material used, how well the sheeting is maintained, and the location’s environmental conditions. 

Polycarbonate roof sheeting last for a minimum of 10 years for a single wall installation, with a double wall installation offering at least a 15 year lifespan.

When using fibreglass translucent panels, however, you could obtain an average lifespan of around 20 years, although using a fibreglass material is more expensive initially.

To get the most from your clear roof sheeting, maintenance is vital. Regularly clean the roof sheeting and clear away any debris, being careful to not cause tears, using a recommended cleaning solution and equipment. 

Over time, wear and tear may cause repairs to be required so ensure to fulfil those repairs quickly to prevent further damage. In particular, difficult weather conditions such as heavy hail and extreme heat can reduce the longevity of your sheeting.

What Are the Benefits of Using Clear Roof Sheeting?

Clear roof sheeting can be a good method of covering structures such as pergolas and carports whilst still allowing light to penetrate.

Here are our top 5 benefits of using clear roof sheeting:

1. Easy Installation

Roof sheeting is easy to install, offering a lightweight option that can be fitted in no time at all! If you are a DIY enthusiast, you may be able to install the roof sheeting yourself, keeping your costs low.

2. Natural Light

A significant benefit of installing clear roof sheeting is the ability to allow natural light to radiate through  the structure and light-up the space. This eliminates the need to install artificial lights, reducing your reliance on electricity and adding an energy efficient solution to your home.

3. Longevity

Most clear roof sheeting installations will last for at least a decade, providing cost effective  value for money. You will need to look after the sheeting, however, maintaining the sheeting well and cleaning it regularly, whilst also checking for tears to make speedy repairs.

4. UV Protection

Many types of roof sheeting offer UV protection, being treated with a UV-resistant coating. UV protection is not solely a requirement for people, however, as your vehicle and other items can be damaged too, causing colours to fade.

5. Aesthetics

Clear sheeting looks great on many structures, providing a transparent or translucent covering that complements any space. However, ensure to check the cover width of the roof sheets to ensure the best impact strength.

Final Thoughts on Clear Roof Sheeting

Clear roof sheeting offers homeowners numerous advantages when looking for the ideal choice of cover for carports, sheds, skylights, and patios. 

You can cover a structure quickly and easily, adding security from weather conditions and UV rays whilst ensuring that natural light is allowed to flood the area.

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