How to Choose the Right Roof Ladder

An excellent roofing ladder can be the difference between staying safe on your roof and getting injured. With this in mind, you need to make various considerations before buying one.

Read on for our guide on how to choose the right roof ladder. We detail roof ladder features, selecting a ladder roof hook, whether you need a specialised roof ladder, and more.

Assess Your Roof Ladder Needs

Before researching roof ladder and hook products, you must assess your needs.

First, work out the tasks you need the ladder for most often—for example, maintaining a roof or starting an extensive repair.

You can inform your purchase if you understand how high you need to go and how often you need the ladder.

What Are the Different Roof Ladder Types?

Here are some of the common roof ladder types and what you can use them for:

  • Extension ladders are the most common ladder type. They have multiple extending sections and are suitable for flat, hip and gabled roofs.
    • You can secure a chicken ladder to a roof’s surface; they are perfect for shallow-pitched roofs.
    • Telescope ladders are retractable and easily adjustable; they are excellent for higher roofs.

    How Can Ladder Hooks for Roof Ladders Help?

    As well as the ladder itself, you need to consider features that will make it safer, like ladder roof hook products.


    Ladder roof hooks can help fix a ladder on the roof ridge line, making it more secure. You should look for roof hooks when working on any roof with a peaked ridge. Roof hooks also have large yellow shatter-proof wheels that allow you to roll the ladder up to the roof ridge line easily.

    Furthermore, roof hooks have large arc hooks so you can use them on any roof pitch; their rubber bungs instantly grip onto the roof and make the ladder a stable platform.

    You can also use the specialist aluminium alloy arcs to convert a standard ladder into a specialised roof ladder.

    A good ladder roof hook converts any wobbling ladder into a stable set of steps to climb.

    What is the Best Material for a Roof Ladder?

    There are many materials used for high-quality roof ladders. Here is how they compare:

    • Aluminium ladders are lightweight (one of the reasons ladder roof hook products have specialist aluminium alloy arcs) and resistant to rust; they are great for residential roofing. Don’t use them for electrical work on a roof because they can conduct electricity.
    • Fiberglass ladders are excellent for electrical work because they don’t conduct electricity. They are also lightweight and durable. However, they are more expensive than aluminium ladders.
    • Steel ladders are great for heavy-duty roof work because they are heavy and durable. However, they rust quicker than other materials.

    What Height and Weight Should the Roof Ladder Be?

    You should choose your roof ladder height and weight based on your needs.

    For example, if the roof you need to work on is high, you might want a retractable ladder to extend quickly. However, if the roof height is lower, there is no need for that; a standard extension ladder will do the job for most residential roofs.

    Also, with extended height comes less stability, so if working on a high roof, you will want a sturdy ladder. Therefore, you need a heavier ladder and large arc hooks with large yellow shatter-proof wheels to roll to the roof.

    Is it Worth Considering a Portable Roof Ladder?

    If you’re a homeowner or individual tradie, one problem you may have with a roof ladder is the size. It may be significantly bigger than your van and cumbersome to carry and place on a building.

    Portable roof ladder products are the answer to this conundrum.

    A portable roof ladder is highly convenient because it can fold into a smaller size, so you can easily store and transport it. If you have limited storage for roofing equipment, a portable ladder is ideal.

    Is The Roof Compatible with the Roof Ladder You Want?

    Before you commit to a roof ladder purchase, you must ensure it can be compatible with your roof type.

    If you want to climb up a residential roof, you need to buy attachments suitable for multiple materials.

    When searching for a roof ladder or hooks, you need to determine the compatibility of the product; it will state this on the product page. The material is crucial with roof hooks because you need to be sure that the rubber bungs instantly grip the opposing tiles so the ladder platforms are steady.


    Does the Roof Ladder Come with User-Friendly Features?

    User-friendly features can be the difference between a stressful or unproblematic experience on a roof ladder.

    We already mentioned some features (including roof hook features) like adjustable ladder systems and roofing hooks. However, many features can make using roof ladders far easier. Some of these include:

    • Roofing scaffolds make it far easier to perform work on the roof's edge; they have a stable work platform adjacent to the roof. The stable work platform grips onto the opposing tiles of the building (for residential buildings).
    • A locking mechanism so the ladder stays at a specific height.
    • Integrated tool holders are helpful because you don’t have to ascend and descend the ladder to get tools constantly. They clamp onto your ladder at any point; it depends on where you need to work.
    • Weather-resistant finishes can prevent rust if you need to do roof maintenance or repairs in the rain.
    • Padded handles make it more comfortable to climb up the ladder. These are especially useful if you need to climb up a tall ladder.

    Should You Have a Budget for a Roof Ladder?

    A budget is a wise consideration unless you have a lot of money to put towards a roof ladder.

    Before creating a budget for your roof ladder, you need to decide what you want from it; make decisions based on our above criteria. To recap, before working out a budget, you need to decide on the:

    • Ladder type
    • Safety features
    • Ladder material
    • Ladder height
    • Ladder weight
    • Compatibility with the buildings you work on
    • User-friendly features you want

    You can create a budget once you know what you want from a roof ladder.

    Remember that going for the cheapest option isn’t always the answer. You need to balance the price with the quality of the ladder product. Ideally, you want a fantastic quality product with good value for money.

    If you buy a higher-quality ladder at a higher price, you will likely experience more long-term savings. For example, if you buy a weather-resistant ladder, you won’t have to replace it due to rust or replace individual parts.

    Final Thoughts on What is Most Important When Choosing a Ladder for a Roof

    In summary, referring to our list of considerations will help you make the most well-informed roof ladder decision.

    Remember to set a budget and decide on the features you value the most; some ladder features may heavily increase the price, so you need to be sure they are essential to you before incorporating them into the budget.

    You also need to consider ladder accessories like roof hook products to make your experience on the ladder as easy as possible. If you want to start looking at ladder accessories, you can check them out on RoofStuff!

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