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RapidRidge Dry Fix - 5m Pack

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Ridge Flashing Colour – Terracotta
Clips (More info on clip options below)
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This pack contains:

  • 1 x Ridge Flashing Roll (5m)
  • 7 x Batten Holders
  • 15 Clips

RapidRidge Dry Fixed Roo­fing System is a brand new concept in Australia. Although widely used throughout Europe for many years, in Australia we have not yet moved away from a traditional ‘wet’ method of mortar and pointing for securing ridge caps. RapidRidge is a mechanically ­fixed system, which is a more reliable installation method compared with the tradition method of mortar fi­xing.

Dry ­fixed roofs can be installed in most weather conditions and unlike mortar does not degrade over time, meaning there is no need for future maintenance. In the long run, when this is factored in, dry fi­xed roofs are always more cost-effective when compared with mortar.


RapidRidge consists of 3 components that work together to securely hold the ridge caps in place. A UV stabilised ridge flashing is placed over the ridge, and adhered to the tiles with butyl strips. Mechanical fi­xings (clips) are used to securely attach the ridge tiles to the roof. This eliminates the need to use mortar for bonding. The ridge tile is ­fixed securely with the clips to the ridge batten, which is held in place by the batten holder.



  • Creates a watertight ridge
  • Up to 50% stretch for ease of installation
  • Butyl strips for adhesion
  • CSIRO Tested – Complies with AS4046.9 ‘Dynamic Weather Resistance’
  • Roll Size: 280mm x 5m. Roll Weight: 2.2kg.


  • Designed to withstand wind uplift load of 200N/m
  • Bent and split by hand to suit various heights and rafter alignment


  • Designed especially for the Australian market
    • Clip A is suitable for Bristile and Boral tiles
    • Clip B is suitable for Monier tiles
  • Fits most common roof tile profiles
  • Holds ridge caps securely in place



    RapidRidge Dry Fix - 5m Pack
    RapidRidge Dry Fix - 5m Pack
    RapidRidge Dry Fix - 5m Pack
    RapidRidge Dry Fix - 5m Pack
    RapidRidge Dry Fix - 5m Pack
    RapidRidge Dry Fix - 5m Pack