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Solar PV Cable Outlet

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Color – Slate Grey

The Evo PV Cable Outlet creates a watertight seal around cables which pass through the roof. The Universal Base Tile fits perfectly underneath roof mounted solar systems on most common roof tile profiles. Flexible fitting strips at the sides allow the easy, weatherproof installation of the Universal Base Tile into the roof covering. An internal Foam Strip protects against rain penetration. The PV Cable Outlet can be extended for retrofitting by a further 8 outlets with the aid of the kit’s adaptor.

Advantages & Application

  • Weatherproof penetration for 8-16 cables in prefabricated kit
  • Foam strip and sealing bar provide perfect barrier against driving rain
  • Constructed in a proven UV-resistant PVC
  • Suitable for most common cable types such as PV, antenna, satellites, lighting & CCTV cables
  • Secures cables with a diameter between 4mm-8mm
  • Fits common terracotta and concrete roof tiles profiles
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Solar PV Cable Outlet