Repairing Roof Leaks. The perfect and easy to use solution for roof repairs.

Repairing Roof Leaks. The perfect and easy to use solution for roof repairs.

Discovering a leak in the roof or guttering is one of those jobs that can’t be put off for too long. The next heavy rainfall could do some real damage and increase the repair cost substantially. So don’t delay.

Sometimes the biggest challenge in fixing a leaking roof is finding the entry point. It can be obvious sometimes but if it’s not depending on the ease of access to the roof and the ability to get a hose or water up there to see if you can recreate the leak sometimes actually fixing the leak is the easy part! You may need to get someone to assist in tracking down the location of the leak, someone in the attic space while a 2nd person is on the roof with a hose spraying the suspect area can be useful. Some other things to look out for can include a broken or cracked tile, cracks or breaks in the flashing material which can be common with lead not installed correctly allowing for expansion and contraction in the hot and cold weather or just areas of wear and tear at any connection points ie valley, abutments, vent pipes

A decision to replace or repair will be required depending on the extent of the damage and also consideration on whether it’s best to get the professionals in or DIY. A number of great products exist today for roof repairs that makes the job much easier to sort out in one go whether you are doing it yourself or if you are a roofing professional. At a great new product for gutters and repairing cracked tiles or metal roofing issues is Fastfix Wet Shield. Available in 1kg, 2.5kg or 5kg tin sizes depending on the size of the job. Fastfix Wet Shield is a resin based fiber re i- forced compound that just paints on like a thick liquid to the effected areas. It’s great for damaged box gutters, tile and metal roofs and most common surfaces. This product can even be used in the wet which makes it pretty unique in Australia. It never fully cures rock hard and this allows for movement, creating a strong tension on the outer surface to keep wet out it can be applied very quickly and left alone to do it’s job. With the material composition of fibers it can even bridge small gaps with just one coat. For more info and pricing visit and get that leak fixed today before it does any more damage.  

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