Smartform - A Roll For Every Ute

Smartform - A Roll For Every Ute

Lead and metal flashings are inherently difficult to work with, so why not read on and learn why you should have a roll of SMARTFORM in the back of your ute instead!

SMARTFORM is a pioneering lead free flashing that is fully butyl backed and offers up to 60% stretch…making it an excellent all-round maintenance flashing.

Lead is difficult to work with: it is heavy, requires cutting into short sheets with metal sheers, and furthermore its toxicity causes fatalities and health issues globally!

Metal flashing is also very difficult to work with: scribing it to the shape of the roof profile, and then getting a watertight seal with silicone that breaks down over time is not ideal.

So why would you choose SMARTFORM for your maintenance needs?

-It’s 3kg per roll

-It’s cheaper to buy

-It’s faster and easier to install

-It creates an instant watertight seal with no additives required

SMARTFORM has a fully butyl back giving it excellent adhesion, and an instant watertight seal on most surfaces. It utilises a creped aluminium surface that allows it to stretch up to 60%, making it perfect for extreme profile metal roofs and tricky maintenance situations.

SMARTFORM doesn’t require any specialist tools, and its peel and stick application means it will save you a lot of time and a lot of effort in maintaining the roofs that you work on.

SMARTFORM is the perfect alternative to both lead and metal flashing. Many tradespeople carry a roll of lead in the back of their ute for maintenance repairs……but now we have highlighted that SMARTFORM is cheaper, easier, and a one-stop solution, why not pick up a roll of SMARTFORM for your ute instead?

SMARTFORM, a roll for every ute.

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